Mini French Silk Pie

Ohhhhhhhh, decadence. A mile-high version of the traditional French Silk Pie . It seems to be updated, calling for pasteurized eggs or egg substitute, but I'm not intimidated by raw eggs, so I just used four fresh, large eggs (and lived to tell about it without incident). As you beat it, it gets fluffier and fluffier, as well as lighter in color. For color and taste I thought an Oreo cookie crust might be even better, so I made a crust of 24 regular-size Oreo cookies and 1/4 cup melted butter. Had I used a traditional pie crust I might have liked this with one more square of melted chocolate. Very rich, so cut slices accordingly.
 This is most likely why the French Silk Pie recipe I'm used to calls for half this amount of filling (and then of course you bury it under a couple inches of whipped cream). I garnished this with fresh whipped cream, raspberries, and mini chocolate chips. And as it turned out, I found I actually do prefer the pie with the Oreo crust. 

 Loved it! Only suggestion would be to separate the eggs, blending in the yolks as called for but whipping up the whites then gently folding them in for increased volume. 

Mini French Silk Pie

Wow!!!! This was absolutly amazing! I was a bit worried while making this that it wasn't going to turn out, because upon tasting it it tasted grainy. After adding the eggs this was much better. I used a pre-made Keebler shortbread pie crust.

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