Clean Triple Chocolate Scones

I made these this morning and they were wonderful. I did make a few changes due to the reviews I read. I used vanilla carmel non dairy creamer instead of the buttermilk and I add 4tbsp of chocolate chip spread when I cut in the butter. The cocoapowder flavor was fantastic I think in part because of the spread. I will definately make these again.

I baked these scones and brought them to work. There was nothing but crumbs left within minutes. Everybody loved them. I actually realized I had no Buttermilk at the last minute so I replaced it with Half and Half and they still came out delicous!

These were GREAT! I have made them twice, and I left out the cocoa powder both times (only because I didn't have any on hand) but I'm sure they would be good with the pure maple syrup. I used mini chocolate chips once and regular ones the other time, and both times they turned out wonderful. My family loved them.

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