I made this recipe with a few modifications to make it healthier, and it was still delicious. Use Betty Crocker low fat brownie mix, fat free Cool Whip, 1/3 less fat cream cheese, and sugar free caramel topping. A little less guilty and definitely tasty! I also used a casserole dish, due to lack of trifle dish, and did one layer of each and it worked out great.

This is a wonderful dessert!!! Can't say enough about it, I've made it several times, it always turns out great and every time I take it to an event, it all gets gobbled up. I pretty much follow the recipe as written, other than adding chocolate chips into the brownie recipe when I bake them and adding some chocolate fudge into the layers of good stuff in the trifle, yummy dessert.

I made this recipe for my family vacation! I thought he'd have leftovers to bring home so that I could taste it but had no luck! It had a wonderful presentation. Will make again, taste it and delicious!


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