Mini Bundt Cake Pumpkins

It's so simple to make and oh so good the longer it sits the better it gets. This cake is amazing with nothing at all on it or you can use a glaze.
Easy and delicious! I melted the chocolate in the microwave on ultra low power for 2 minutes, stirred it up until all the lumps were melted and then I poured it right on top of the pumpkins Texture is fairly dense and quite moist. While the chocolate was still wet, I sprinkled the sprinkles on top very sparingly Flavor is amazing! This is by far the most delicious pumpkin flavored anything!

This was an AWESOME cake!! It was a huge success, my husband even said it might be the best cake he ever had! A friend said that she always thinks of pumpkin desserts as heavy, but this isn't. This has to be the easiest cake i've ever made, and as a male in the house, I have just been elevated to the 'chef' image with this recipe.
Easy to prepare, moist, and tasty. Not too spicy either.This is the BEST holiday cake ever!! I took it to our large Christmas gathering of family & friends, and everyone raved and demanded some to leave with. Simply divine and so easy. This is my new "traditional" dessert for the holidays from now on!

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