New York Cheesecake Cookies

I would like to update my review on this cheesecake. I originally gave it a five and still give it a five. I have made this cheesecake many times; sometimes it cracks sometimes it doesn't. Finally I read that if you grease the sides of your pan, it will not crack, since cracking often happens in the cooling process as the cake pulls away from the sides. Since I began greasing the sides, I have not had a cracked cheesecake. People who like the NY style of cheesecake love this recipe.

Was this an incredible cheesecake, I cheated with the crust and bought it ready made. I used fat free sour cream, and a lower fat cream cheese and it still tasted as good as any cheesecake I could have gotten in a deli. the only thing was since I used the ready made crust I got two cheesecakes out of it, it goes great with strawberry glaze also. And mine did NOT crack but that was because I put a pan as suggested of water under the cakes as they cooked and left it in the oven for the 6 hours, it was hard waiting but worth it.
This was the final cheesecakes of my taste test. It came in #1 and deservedly so! I have to say, it was virtually perfect. It was as smooth and silky as butter, had fabulous taste and delicious so soft in my tounge. I lowered the temp and it was fine. I'm glad I can made this for my entire family! Excellent.

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