Raw Chocolate Pudding (Vegan + No Added Sugar)

I saw this recipe and I just had to try it because it was so unique I never would have though of combining those three ingredients. As it chills it really does develop a flavor all its own you can definitely taste the banana but really it develops its own chocolaty flavor. I did have to add a little milk to get it to blend in my tiny blender but the consistency was still perfect.. and the best part is it is there is no added sugar or anything. all natural ingredients.

I was very surprised on how delicious this was. I am not vegan, nor am I particularly healthy, but I am trying to be a bit healthier and lose some baby weight I cannot seem to lose. This recipe was great. I did however feel it was missing something, so I added a splash or 2 of vanilla. I will be making this again for my family. Great consistency as well.
I am not Vegan so my initial reaction was too tangy, but I licked the spatula one more time and I got hooked. it's texture is better than any box mix or cornstarch variety. This is new favorite way to use up avocados!

for the full recipe click here >>> Raw Chocolate Pudding (Vegan + No Added Sugar) @ ohsheglows.com

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