This will be my go-to strawberry frosting for the future. It has a wonderful, fresh strawberry flavor. I've made strawberry frosting with jam or fresh berries in the past and it always weeps or runs. Reducing the strawberry puree is the key. Will be making again.

This frosting is delicious! It may take a little thought beforehand to prepare the strawberries, but it is SOOO worth that step. My chopped up strawberries slightly overflowed the measuring cup before I carefully reduced it as recommended by the author. Talk about a fresh yummy frosting!

Really good, but really sweet. I had to add about one more cup of confectioners sugar to get it to cupcake frosting consistency. 20 minutes is too long to cook the strawberries for. I only needed about 10. Overall, way better tasting and looking than all the other strawberry frostings I've tried. The frosting tasted so much better the next day. My friends said the fresh strawberry flavor was very prevalent, like fresh strawberry ice cream in frosting form. Will be my go to strawberry frosting from now on!

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