Strawberry Whipped Cream Recipe

My family loved this whippe cream and it has been requested for our families 4th of March cookout. The only thing I changes was that I took another quart of straberries and I sprinkled them with sugar and then after sitting for awhile I smashed them. I put the halved berries around the edges of the layers and the some of the smashed berries in the middle. Some of the juice soaked into the cake and make it quite tasty.

This is by far the best strawberry Whipped Cream I have ever had. i made it for my daughters birthday, i jazzed it up a bit with some champange graps and blueberries on top for me, everyone loved it.
The whipped topping was light and refreshing with strawberries. Note about the whipped topping. If you find that you over mixed and it starts getting "grainy", it can be salvaged. Simply add a couple more tablespoons of heavy cream (1tbsp at a time) and mix BY HAND. If you mixed to the point that it started getting lumpy, you cannot salvage it. Start again. Do not multi-task while you are mixing the whipped topping.

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