These are great - and a hit at the party! Really easy to make - I think the dipping worked well with using a teaspoon and fork - resting the truffle on the fork and using the spoon to pour the chocolate over. I think the trick is to try and handle the truffle as little as possible and trying to keep them at the tip of the fork so that you can slide the fork out without having to touch the truffle when putting it back on the wax paper.


Chilling them for at least an hour helped (I think mine chilled for a little longer than an hour) and I kept them on wax paper on a metal cookie sheet to help keep them cool while I was dipping.

My next ones I'll try with a different cookie - probably nutter butters since after telling guests about this version, I got requests to make them next time with the peanut butter cookies! I got many compliments so definitely making again :) They are rich, so you can't have too many of these at one time - but maybe that's a good thing!

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