These hand pies, also known as turnovers, look too perfect to be homemade. Any of your favorite pie fillings, both sweet and savory, will work. I hope you give this easy technique a try soon. Enjoy!This was great! My parents loved it. I messed up at first and put the mixture in a little hot, warning let it completely cool down! The dough will rip and the liquid will seep out. I also didn't pinch the edges good enough. Then I made more and they came out great. I also added blueberries into the second batch with the apples which was really nice too.

I chose not to peel the apples in order to retain the nutrients. In the end, I suspect the filling would have been softer had I peeled them; however, I did not care for its extra effort. The next time I make this, I will add 3/4 t. ground nutmeg when adding the cinnamon for flavor. 


I thought using the star shaped cookie cutters was a really clever idea. I used one box of the Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts, which made about 11 pies, using a 3 inch star shaped cookie cutter. I was able to cut out 8 stars on each sheet, then balled up the dough and rolled it out again. The filling is absolutely delicious! The little hand pies turned out great and were super easy to make. My kids loved them and I like how using the cookie cutters makes a nice dessert portion size. Definitely would make again!

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