This is a quick and easy fruit that you and your guests will love.One caveat, however: if you're making this for a family or party, the idea that the recipe would "serve 10" seems preposterous to me. Maybe 10 little kids. Or 10 people who have a lot of other food choices and will only take little helpings of creamsicle fluff. But not 10 people who, like me and my family, see a bowl full of orange and marshmallows, get excited, and take great, healthy helpings of the stuff in anticipation of it being gone by the time they go back for seconds. For that lot, better make more. I wouldn't necessarily double the whole recipe, however. It's got plenty of mandarin oranges; maybe just double the fruit salad. 

There are many ways to make this - including those recipes that use cool whip instead of sour cream (too sweet for me) - but I made the right choice going with this one, it's just right. I used Fat Free sour cream and enjoyed this as a healthy TREAT.excellent recipe, and sooo easy to make. took it to a work party and everyone loved it.


This is a new favorite in my household. My 1 year old ate it up and begged for more. Simple, yummie and easy clean up! Just the right amount of sweetness!Quick and easy to make. Very tasty. Will whip up again.make myself a small batch of this a couple times a year just for the comfort that's there for me. My mom made this for almost every holiday when I was growing up.

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