Very good! I put it on a bed of lettuce that I had tossed with oil, salt and pepper.I used a dozen eggs, yoke & all and the only change I might make is to cut the salt & celery salt to a quarter TSP instead of a half.This was good, although I think there is way too much salt. I think next time I make it I will either half the celery salt and kosher salt or just eliminate one of them.

I was looking for a simple recipe for egg salad to use up the Easter eggs my daughter had made. This is a good, basic egg salad and perfect for what I was looking for.Great for lunch. Easy to make. Try on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato!This definitely is "easy" and a very basic recipe for classic egg salad. I do like the idea of using fat free plain yogurt, but make sure it's Greek or you'll end up with that horrible "fat free dairy product" aftertaste. I did take a little liberty with this and added a splash of yellow mustard and since there's something to be said for mayo in an egg salad I opted to add a couple of Tbsp. of Hellman's light mayo.


If you want a little crunch you could also add in a little chopped celery or green onion. I mix the "dressing" separately and mix it with the eggs so the flavors blend better. I also opted to sprinkle the paprika over top vs. in the salad to avoid any discoloration. Overall, very tasty on toasted whole grain bread.The simplest, good egg salad that is still delicious! 

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