This soup is perfect as an introduction to a full Greek meal, or a hearty bowlful for a meal in itself. Serve with fresh pita triangles, and you'll be sure to please your guests. Our FAVORITE makes it a little less rich (less eggs),a lot more rice and chicken, and with just-a-little thinner broth. I will adjust this recipe to our tastes next time;but this was a wonderful example of Greek Lemon Chicken soup. My brand soup base "Vogue" did not have a lot of salt (I bought it at an health food store). Also, I never add the rice into the large pot;but only in the INDIVIDUAL serving bowls; I mix it in JUST prior to serving. It works better for leftovers;you never wind up with puffed up rice mush this way. :)

I think this is a great soup! I as usual changed a few things. First I do not precook the rice, I added olive oil to pan, and cooked the chopped onion, carrots,celery and rice for about 10 min. Than I added the broth, lemon juice, 1/2 cup white wine, and 1 can of "Creamed Chicken soup" instead of the butter and flour. I used only FOUR egg yolks. I also did not add more chicken. Prepared this way my boys really liked it - a good thickness, but not too thick. Really GOOD!!!


This was my first attempt at a greek dish and my fiance loved it! He is greek and he said the recipe was perfect, just the right amount of lemon. This is a definite keeper! I do want to mention that instead of canned chicken broth I used real chicken broth from a whole chicken (4.25 lbs) I boiled for the recipe. I then shredded the meat from the whole chicken to add to the soup. I also added 2 teaspoons of Greek seasoning. Lastly, I used a full cup of the veggies instead of the 1/2 cup it called for.


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