I made this ambrosia fruit salad for a family BBQ and there was just barely enough to go around - everyone loved it. ade it for a New Years Eve potluck and it was a hit! It was a perfect complement to the Honeybaked ham that the hostess served along with the other green salads. I was looking forward to taking home the leftover but the hostess gave me back my clean bowl. When asked for the recipe, I don't bother writing it down for them. 

I made the recipe as is, minus the walnuts (nut restriction) and marshmallows (wanted the salad to be less like a dessert). Everyone wanted to know what was the crunch in the salad and were excited to know about the toffee bits. Used pineapple tidbits, instead of crushed. I added the mandarins oranges as late in the mixing as possible to minimize crushing. NOTE: Drain fruits very well to avoid soupy salad. I am now looking for the next occasion to make this again and try to whip my own heavy cream instead of CoolWhip.

Very good! Mine ended up a little watery but it had great flavor, and the toffee was wonderful.I made this for Easter dinner and everyone loved it and said I could make this anytime. I made it for our company Christmas pot luck. it was so delicious I don't think I want to share it. it was easy and quick to make.


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