This in great for a sweet tooth! Kids love it! Also great for a quick dessert if you have friends or family over, his recipe is the best! So easy and has become my go-to dessert for when I make meals for friends or treats for work. Everyone begs for them and then they blame me for making them because they are so good. 

awesomely easy, fun and delicious! Everyone I shared these with LOVED them. I'm thinking of trying a couple w/ icing on top, not that it needs any, I just wanna see if it takes them to the next level. These would be great with different flavors of oreos too. Added some bittersweet chocolate chips into the brownie batter. Put some chocolate fudge icing on the top. Chocolate delight. Best brownies ever!! Super simple


It was good but I would have done it for 28 minutes, Spread a layer of peanut butter on the Oreo too!The brownie actually came out nice instead of too thick. Crushing the Oreos is definitely not a requirement, and I actually like it better when the Oreos are just laid down under the brownie. If you forgot the Oreos like I did the first few times making it, it's perfectly fine with just the chocolate chip cookie and the brownie. My sister added chocolate chips sprinkled on top of the brownie layer for just that much more chocolate, and the melty quality of the chips work best when the slutty brownies were served hot. If you're serving hot, with ice cream is the best way to go, but if you want nice squares, refrigerating for about half an hour and then cutting helps.


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