A wonderful side dish for any meal. his has become one of my fast weeknight recipes. My husband loves it! I often substitute canned diced tomatoes and sometimes forget the green onions and it is still great. I usually serve it with diced fresh mexican cheese and tortillas and turn it into a taco/burrito of sorts. Great to add cooked chicken or beans as well. Don't skimp on the cayenne!I made this rice without the frozen vegetables and I added some more tomatoes. I served it with Mexican Chicken Kiev, Mexican Corn (submitted by Karen Baldridge) and some sauteed peppers . . . 

My guests loved the entire meal. The leftover rice was great with eggs too.This was great! Very fresh tasting, and is best served hot. I used fresh veggies, omitted the garlic, and used water for the vegetable stock. I had this with yogurt for a lovely lunch.'ve been looking for an authentic tasting recipe for Mexican rice for YEARS! This is it!! It comes out fluffy, tasty and extra nutritious!


Nice, simple, understated Mexican rice side dish to support and complement a bolder, spicier main dish. In deference to Hubs’ sensitive innards I skipped the cayenne pepper. In deference to my dislike of carrots, I skipped them too. Chicken broth was a flavorful substitute for the vegetable broth. Quiet but pleasant flavor, pretty and colorful too.


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