Mint Chip Brownie Ice Cream Squares

There's no better taste than the chocolatey madness of brownies, fudge, and ice cream made into a cake. I made this as a birthday cake for my daughter! It was such a hit!!!! and very very delicious!!!!! I made a few changes, but that shouldnt change the overall outcome of the recipe - I used cookies n cream flavor ice cream. I made the brownie mix according to the low fat version. I lined the spring form pan with oreo cookies. I will make this recipe again!!!

I used bunny tracks ice cream instead. Turned out great as a summer treat! used a really good vanilla bean ice cream, and made my own recipe for chocolate ganache that I poured over the top before freezing...DELICIOUS!!!It was good but it was messy trying to cut it. Family liked it.

Mint Chip Brownie Ice Cream Squares

This came out quite well. I used a little less than 1 quart of vanilla ice cream between the two layers . I will definitely make this again.the only thing you really have to worry about is getting it in the freezer before the ice cream melt. 

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