Great tasting, easy, quick punch for any occasion. In addition, I freeze orange juice in a round Tupperware jello mold and have that float in the punch bowl for it's chill-effect, looks and added orange flavor. (I have also added maraschino cherries and whole mint leaves to the OJ, prior to freezing ... it looks pretty neat if you make them look like flowers by setting the mint leaves & cherries in the bottom of the jello mold; SLOWLY add a small amount of OJ to cover. Freeze that, then fill the rest of the jello mold and freeze solid.)

I pureed the strawberries instead of leaving them whole and dipped the edge of the glasses in decorative sugar. Good easy punch and my guests really liked it. I made this punch for New Year's Eve and it was delicious...however, I too made it more interesting and fun by using 2 champagne and only 1 ginger ale. I also made a ice ring with strawberries and ginger ale that kept it cold until it was gone!! Big hit with everyone. A definite for next year and maybe during the year, if the occasion arises.


This was such a nice change of pace for my New Year's party! Although I scaled back the ginger ale to 1 liter per bottle of champagne - I did want people to have a good time, after all! Two liters would be terrible - but 1 liter was perfect.I served this with sliced strawberries instead of whole. Next time I would stick with whole ones because it made it look merky and you couldn't tell it was strawberries. Everyone liked it though... I may try next time cutting down on the ginger ale a bit too.


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